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HALFTIME REPORT: Georgia Tech Leads Virginia 14-10, It's Going...Okay

It hasn't been pretty, but it's working out decently thus far.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

A week removed from a huge, emotional victory over Florida State, Georgia Tech came out looking like they were playing in Charlottesville. The offense only managed 152 yards and fumbled multiple times, including one by Marcus Marshall that they lost. The defense gave up nearly 200 total yards of offense to a below average Virginia offense. Star DT Adam Gotsis left the game on the first snap of the game, and it's unlikely that he'll return.

Through it all, though, Georgia Tech leads by 4 and starts the second half with the ball. A pair of long touchdowns to Clinton Lynch went for a total of 79 yards (49 rushing, 30 passing) and 14 points, and a few forced punts combined with a goal line stand have the Jackets leading at the half.

The second half will show us how badly the loss of Gotsis will affect this defense, and hopefully it's not the same way that his loss affected them in the loss earlier this season to North Carolina. We'll also find out whether Georgia Tech can keep moving the ball in the running game, and whether the offensive line can manage any sense of pass protection for Justin Thomas.

We're halfway home, and Georgia Tech has a four-point lead. You good with that, Jacket fans?