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Football: Georgia Tech Depth Chart & Injury Report for North Carolina

It's nothing but small changes this week for the Yellow Jackets. Can the same lineup produce different results?

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

With all of Georgia Tech's mounting injury concerns, we're adding the injury report to the weekly depth chart thread. We'll start with that.

Injury Report

Position Player Status
AB TaQuon Marshall (Fr) Active
DE Rod Rook-Chungong (R-Jr) Active
AB Broderick Snoddy (R-Sr) Out
AB Qua Searcy (R-Fr) Out
WR Jalen Johnson (R-Fr) Out
WR Micheal Summers (R-Jr) Out
DL Patrick Gamble (R-Jr) Out
QB Tim Byerly (R-Sr) Out for Season
BB C.J. Leggett (R-Fr) Out for Season
AB Nathan Cottrell (Fr) Out for Season
AB KirVonte Benson (Fr) Out for Season
OT Chris Griffin (R-So) Out for Season

In a bit of a surprise to most Georgia Tech fans, they'll be without their most senior A-Back on Saturday as Broderick Snoddy deals with a hand issue. Luckily, they'll have TaQuon Marshall back in action after he left the Duke game early on. The Jackets will once again be without starting defensive lineman Patrick Gamble, although Rod Rook-Chungong will return to the rotation after missing the Duke game.

For those keeping score at home, that's TEN scholarship athletes the Yellow Jackets will be missing on Saturday, including FOUR A-Backs.


Position First String Second String
QB Justin Thomas (R-Jr) Matthew Jordan (R-Fr)
Chase Martenson (R-Fr)
BB Patrick Skov (R-Sr) Marcus Marshall (Fr)
Marcus Allen (R-Jr)
AB Clinton Lynch (R-Fr) Mikell Lands-Davis (Fr)
Quaide Weimerskirch (Fr)
AB Isaiah Willis (R-Jr) TaQuon Marshall (Fr)
WR Ricky Jeune (R-So) Brandon Oliver (R-Sr)
Harland Howell (Fr)
WR Brad Stewart (Fr) Antonio Messick (R-So)
Jalen Johnson (R-Fr)
LT Bryan Chamberlain (R-Sr) Will Bryan (Fr)
LG Trey Braun (R-Sr) Jake Whitley (R-Fr)
C Freddie Burden (R-Jr) Andrew Marshall (So)
RG Shamire Devine (R-So) Trey Klock (R-Fr)
RT Errin Joe (R-Sr) Eason Fromayan (R-So)

This week's depth chart is identical to last week's, with the exception of Clinton Lynch stepping in to start for an injured Broderick Snoddy. That said, you'll see a difference this week when Mikell Lands-Davis actually gets into the game, which didn't happen last week despite his position on the depth chart. Once again, true freshman Brad Stewart will get the start at wide receiver opposite Ricky Jeune. Be prepared to see more of Harland Howell or Christian Philpott if Antonio Messick isn't getting it done, though.


Position First String Second String
WDE KeShun Freeman (So) Antonio Simmons (So)
Anree Saint-Amour (Fr)
DT Adam Gotsis (Sr) Francis Kallon (R-Jr)
NT Jabari Hunt (R-Sr) Francis Kallon (R-Jr)
SDE Rod Rook-Chungong (R-Jr) Tyler Stargel (R-Jr)
LB Tyler Marcordes (R-Sr) Victor Alexander (Fr)
Brant Mitchell (Fr)
LB P.J. Davis (Jr) Domonique Noble (R-Sr)
Terrell Lewis (So)
LB (4-3) Chase Alford (Jr)
Brant Mitchell (Fr)
David Curry (Fr)
NB (Nickel) Lawrence Austin (So) Lynn Griffin (R-Jr)
David Curry (Fr)
CB Chris Milton (R-Sr) Lance Austin (So)
SS Jamal Golden (R-Sr) Shaun Kagawa (So)
Corey Griffin (R-So)
FS Demond Smith (R-Sr) A.J. Gray (Fr)
CB D.J. White (Sr) Step Durham (So)

This depth chart is very similar, with a few exceptions. First, true freshman Brentavious Glanton was removed as the backup nose tackle, in favor of a three-man rotation with Gotsis, Hunt, and Kallon. Not sure if that will be the case or not, but time will tell. Additionally, Pat Gamble is missing as he continues to fight off an injury, although Rod Rook-Chungong returns to the starting lineup.

The other change is with the linebackers, where Beau Hankins has departed the team and been replaced here by true sophomore Terrell Lewis. Also, for what it's worth, Brant Mitchell was moved from backing up Davis to backing up Marcordes. That probably means absolutely nothing, is what it is.

Special Teams

Position First String Second String
K Harrison Butker (Jr) Shaun Davis (Fr)
P Ryan Rodwell (R-Jr) Shaun Davis (Fr)
LS Sean Tobin (R-Sr) ----
SS Casey Wilson (R-Fr) ----
H Ryan Rodwell (R-Jr) ----
KR/PR Jamal Golden (R-Sr) Brad Stewart (Fr)
Broderick Snoddy (R-Sr)

The only change here is the addition of Brad Stewart to the returner rotation after he fielded a couple of punts. Otherwise, the scenery is basically the same.