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The FTRS staff picks the entire season. Bold? Yes. Smart? We'll see...

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? These picks will define your personality.

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With pitchers of Koolaid at hand, the FTRS staff cracked open their curtain to peak into the future. The glass in the window apparently needs cleaning, as there are differing interpretations of what's ahead. You can add yours in the comments. Just remember, the internet never forgets who you picked.


orientalnc: The Terriers have spent the entire camp preparing for the TO, but Shaq Mason does not have a role on their scout team. The GT offense will roll and the defense will do enough. GT 56-20.

Grant: Tech goes up 28-0 by the end of the first quarter, and Paul Johnson puts it on cruise control to start the second half. The defense gives up a garbage time field goal to win 59-3.

Ben: While Wofford has been practicing against a variation of the TO all off-season, it is still important to remember that they gave up 4.1 yards/rush against FCS competition last season. I'm not sure Wofford will be able to keep up with the athletes we have, but I think it could still be interesting for the first half. GT wins 54-20.

Cade: The Jackets should have no problem handling Wofford in Atlanta. The talent gap between the two schools is just too big and the Jackets should have a nearly insurmountable lead after one quarter. 63-3 Georgia Tech.

Matt: (I developed a Pre-season prediction model based on how well you recruit and how many players you have had drafted recently, and how good you have played in the last three seasons. Here are those results.) Georgia Tech should kill Wofford, 56-7

Atlanta’s original team: If teams like Wofford have a purposed it is to help teams like Tech work out the bugs of their system. Tech wins 45-14.

Luke: Cruise control. Second string is out there by halftime. Wofford gets a couple garbage TDs in the 4th. 55-14

Carter: Tech goes up by 40+ points midway though the third quarter, at which point the student section starts checking the DragonCon schedule against the time remaining to see if the game will be over before Patrick Stewart's panel starts. Wofford scores a late touchdown and people on the internet complain that it wouldn't have happened if Tech had a pro-style offense. TECH 69 wofford 10

Tyler: Charles Perkins scampers around for 100+ yards in the first half and reminds us of some other guy who used to do that wearing #21. Tim Byerly leads the second-team offense to three TD's in the second half and Tech rolls to a 59-13 win.

Joey: Georgia Tech rolls, but rolls a little too hard. They bring home a 63-7 win, but also bring home six more months of probation for running up the score.


orientalnc: The Greenies open with pass happy Tulsa, then see the TO for the first time. Their defense is good, but not good enough. Stacking the line will be a mistake as JT and Smelter scorch them for some long scores. GT 35-10.

Grant: The Green Wave comes out the gate shooting and jumps to an early 14-0 lead, scoring on both their first drives. However, we quickly discover Justin has ice water running in his veins - his calm demeanor translates well to high pressure game situations and he gets things back under control. Jackets take it 31-20.

Ben: It's the first game in Tulane's shiny new stadium, so the Green Wave and their fans will be a little crazy. A year ago, their defense gave up over 350 yards/game. They'll be breaking in a new QB and with it being this early in the season, I don't think they'll keep up. GT wins 48-17.

Cade: It just wouldn't be a normal season without a depressing upset, and Tulane has to the potential to be just that. The Jackets will be looking for answers still at some key positions (as well as overlooking the Wave as an opponent) and the Green Wave, fueled by the grand opening of a new stadium and the start of a new season, will bring their best stuff to the field. Tulane shocks Tech 31-27.

Matt: This really shouldn't be close, the model says GT wins by 19.7, I'm projecting 35-14.

AOT: Tulane jumps out to early lead and leads at halftime. Tech buckles down in second half for an uninspiring 21-14 victory.

Luke: Pretty, new stadium. Not much improvement from a team that was ~100th in every major offensive category. 35-10

Carter: Green Wave fans are many, they're loud, they're amped. 30,000 people are filling their shiny new on-campus stadium and they couldn't be more excited. Then the game starts, and horrible mismatch is made clear on the field. Tulane is going to allow you to bring in those giant plastic Hurricane glasses into the stadium, right? This is New Orleans, after all. TECH 35 tulane 13

Tyler: As predicted, Tech sluggishly opens up the game in New Orleans and is tied with the Green Wave at 13 at the half. Jamal Golden forces a turnover on the first possession out of halftime and the Jackets ride the momentum to a 30-16 victory.

Joey: Flashback to last season's Virginia Tech game, except Georgia Tech is on the other end of things now. Hyped stadium, crazy atmosphere, deflating loss for most of those in attendance. Georgia Tech wins 45-17, and I'm "wish you were dead" hungover by halftime in the early September New Orleans afternoon heat & humidity.

Ga Southern

orientalnc: GT is beginning to find itself on defense and the Eagles have a rude awakening in Atlanta. Tech runs the TO much faster than GSU and the offensive line is playing with more confidence. GT wins 42-13, including a couple of clock eating drives that devastate the GSU defense.

Grant: The talent gap is too big here. Ga Southern has an impressive opening drive but is simply outgunned by way of talent and experience. Tech wins 45-14.

Ben: I'm really not entirely sure what to think of this game. It will be really exciting to see what GSU's new offense will look like and how quickly they adjust to it. Thankfully, Jerrick McKinnon (QB last season) won't be running it. GSU makes it interesting for a little while, but Ted Roof pumps up the D at the half, and GT wins 48-24.

Cade: The Eagles also have upset potential, but Tech should be able to handle them and their new offensive system easily in the first match-up between the teams. Tech wins 56-21.

Matt: Georgia Tech should kill them, 45-13.

AOT: Their fans will enjoy the trip and enjoy a few moral victories but Tech wins 34-17.

Luke: A great crowd at Bobby Dodd for the first match up between the two. Unfortunately for Southern fans, Tech will "GATA". 31-14

Carter: Southern scores the first touchdown and #UGAtwitter pulls its collective head away from its upcoming game against South Carolina to crow about how badly Tech will lose, and also how much it doesn't care about Tech. Tech rolls the rest of the way, and #UGAtwitter begins crafting elaborate tales of how Tech will lose to Mercer in 2015, and also remind everyone it doesn't care about Tech. TECH 31 gsu 14

(Any Eagle friends you have will be drinking heavily after the game. For your health and safety, do not try to keep up with them. You will die.)

Tyler: After receiving 18 text messages Saturday morning saying 'GATA" from friends at GSU, I personally run on the field and angrily throw for 3 TD's against Southern...But really, GSU struggles to find their form under new head coach Willie Fritz and Tech gets to 3-0 with a 42-14 win.

Joey: The stadium is chock full, with a surprising amount of Georgia Southern fans and alumni in attendance. They'll leave disappointed but satisfied. Georgia Tech wins 31-13 against a crazy new offense and a defense that's familiar with the Jackets' playbook.

Virginia Tech

orientalnc: The Hokies are tough on defense, even without the hated Kyle Fuller (#17), but Bud Foster only coaches the defense. GT wins 21-17 in Blacksburg.

Grant: GT finds another way to lose a game to the Hokies it shouldn't. A late fumble, bad call, or blown coverage will seal it for the Hokies 20-17.

Ben: Bud Foster and VPI's defense have had CPJ's number for the last few years. This will definitely be our first true test this season. I'm watching to see what VPI's offense will do without Logan Thomas. With a new QB, I think we sneak away with one here. GT wins 21-20.

Cade: This Virginia Tech team is going to be one of the weakest ones in recent history, and without longtime Yellow Jacket exterminator Logan Thomas they have little chance against the Jackets, particularly with their depleted defense. Tech wins 31-21.

Matt: VT has recruited much better than GT but was actually worse on the field last year and lost a lot of talent to the draft. Given home field the model says GT loses by 2, I'll say VT 17-14, another barn burner between these two teams.

AOT: The one we have been waiting for. This is a typical, close Tech-VPI struggle until a tired VPI defense gives up two long scoring runs late and Tech breaks the curse. 28-17.

Luke: After losing Logan Thomas, I think a lot of people think we can finally beat VPI. However their defense is what hurt us last year, and I think this year in Blacksburg will be no different. A very boring 17-6 loss.

Carter: The ACC swerves everyone by announcing the game will be replaced by a singles wrestling match between Paul Johnson and Frank Beamer. The Hokies distract the ACC refs long enough for Beamer to smack Johnson with VT's empty national championship trophy case, laying him out and allowing Beamer to pin him for the win. vatech 17 TECH 14

Tyler: Without the help of Logan Thomas' six yard QB sneaks, Virginia Tech fails to get anything going on offense. Zach Laskey carries the team down the field on a late game winning drive and GT sneaks past VT for a 17-14 win.

Joey: Georgia Tech can't keep losing to increasingly bad VPI teams, and won't. Virginia Poly replaces a bunch of defensive firepower and can't keep up on offense. Jackets win a low-scoring one 23-17, and I make a scene at a Houston-area bar, confusing a lot of patrons.


orientalnc: The Canes continue to baffle the Tech defense and do just enough to slow the GT offense. Miami 28-24.

Grant: Miami's time has come. Duke Johnson isn't enough to save the canes from a hyped-up GT squad; It's a whiteout in Atlanta and we see a good old fashioned beat down a la 2008. Tech 35-13.

Ben: From what I've been hearing so far, Duke Johnson is fully healthy so far (and bigger). If he's healthy for this game, I'm not sure we'll be able to stop him. I think we'll be competitive throughout the game though. As of right now, I'll say Miami gets the win here. Miami wins 35-24.

Cade: This is the game that makes the nation realize that Duke Johnson isn't enough to fuel a team. I'm not sure that he can come back 100%, and even if he does the Jackets should be able to beat the Canes and their sub-par defense. Tech wins 42-21.

Matt: Miami has wiped the floor with us in recruiting the last three years, but the results haven't translated to the field. The model says GT wins by 2 at home, but I think Miami plays a little more consistent this year and does a good enough job to win. Miami wins 28-17.

AOT: Of all things, after opening quick scores, this turns into a defensive struggle. Tech wins 17-13 but loses two starters for the season.

Luke: Duke Johnson is scarier than the entire Duke team, and he will probably rush like it, putting up 200 yards. This goes high scoring with the Jackets on the bad end 45-35.

Carter: Brad Kaaya channels the ghost of former Armpunt Heisman winner Jacorry Harris (who is still alive) and Duke Johnson alone can't outperform Tech's offense. The 73 Canes fans in attendance leave disappointed. TECH 27 miami 17

Tyler: A 4-0 start has the flats amped up in a whiteout against the U. Tech's defense has their annual brain-freeze game and can't stop Miami. Freshman QB Brad Kaaya looks like the second coming of Ken Dorsey and Duke Johnson runs for 150+ yards, ruining our dreams of a magical run. Miami wins 34-24.

Joey: An excited Bobby Dodd Stadium comes to cheer on the #24 Jackets against impromptu rivals Miami. In true fashion of the recent history of this series, Georgia Tech leads late before a last-minute touchdown by Miami results in a heartbreaking 31-30 defeat for Tech.


orientalnc: The Dookies are a very good team when they have the ball, but the lost of Kelby Brown left too big a hole in the defense. GT wins by keeping the ball for almost 40 minutes, 45-14.

Grant: The Duke media lovefest officially ends after the Jackets hang 42 on their defense. Duke scores 3 touchdowns but one comes in garbage time. 42-21 Jackets.

Ben: This should be an interesting game. I'm not sure Duke will be as good as they were last season, though. Having their QB back for this game (didn't play against us last year) will definitely make it more competitive than last season, and the Yellow Jackets will be mad after losing a close game to the Canes. GT wins 28-21.

Cade: The Blue Devils have all the pieces to win big in 2014 and they will show it with a victory over the Jackets in Atlanta. The defense has no answer for a dynamic Anthony Boone and the Blue Devils leave Atlanta with a W, 35-24.

Matt: It is about even on the recruiting trail between these two teams, but I don't trust Duke to keep up the one year success. The model says GT by 7 and I say 31-21 Georgia Tech.

AOT: Duke continues their habit from last year of beating teams they shouldn't. Tech, still smarting and banged up from Miami, goes down early 32-10.

Luke: Isiah Johnson shows that he's back in form and the Tech secondary steps for the first big test, locking down Jamison Crowder and crew. Duke goes up early but Tech answers in the end using ball control and a 12 minute death march in the 4th. 24-17

Carter: Tech unfurls a "DECADE OF DOMINANCE" banner before the game, and then Tech fans spend the next three hours laughing nervously as the game quickly turns into a shootout. We'll talk afterward about how Tech had it in the bag all along, but the lie will eat at us inside. TECH 41 dook 38

Tyler: Much like last season, Duke can't figure out how to stop the triple option. Duke scores enough points to keep it watchable, but Tech pulls away and wins 42-28.

Joey: In a matchup of 4-1 teams coming off of losses to Miami, Duke is running out of healthy defenders and Coach Cutcliffe is seen chatting with a few members of the band, presumably asking if they consider themselves "fundamentally sound tacklers". Georgia Tech does its part to show that Duke was a one-hit wonder last year, though it's a little closer than anticipated. 38-28, good guys.

North Carolina

orientalnc: Tech wins in Chapel Hill and finds a way to keep Ryan Switzer off the field: don't punt. The final score of 31-10 masks a tough game.

Grant: Paul Johnson might not know how to beat VT, but he's had UNC in his pocket for years. For the third week in a row, GT leaves the clueless preseason pollers scratching their heads. The Tarheels are in fact not "back", again. Tech 24-21 in a close one.

Ben: This should be a high-scoring affair. Thankfully, GT did not face Marquise Williams last season (otherwise, I'm not sure we would have won), but with the loss of Eric Ebron, I think the Yellow Jackets will be able to outscore the Tarheels. GT wins 45-42.

Cade: Tech heads into Chapel Hill expecting another win in the series but ends up taking the L. This season's UNC team finally lives up to expectations, led by Marquise Williams and Ryan Switzer, on their way to a successful year and victory over the Jackets. UNC takes it 42-35.

Matt: I am high on the Tar Heels though, they lost a lot of talent but have recruited well and I really like their skills player's potential. The model says this is basically a tie, and I think UNC wins 24-21.

AOT: Tech still struggles to get back to early season form and UNC gets a key but controversial call from the referees that give them the ball and seals the game, 37-29.

Luke: Going into Chapel Hill, every part of me wants to believe we can win this game (especially because I will be there). This one will come down to time of possession to neutralize Ryan Switzer and the Tar Heel offense. Jackets squeak one out 28-21.

Carter: Tired of hearing Larry Fedora go on about how much of an offensive genius he is, Paul Johnson puts him in a headlock during pregame and is ejected from the stadium. A fired up Tech offense then rolls the Tar Heels for 69 points, just to prove they could improve on their effort from two years ago. TECH 69 unc 31

Tyler: A 12:00 game on the road, Tech never gets it rolling against the UNC defense. Justin Thomas turns it over late in the 4th quarter for his first costly mistake of the season, and UNC edges out a 24-20 victory.

Joey: Yellow Jacket fans are concerned about this one, both being on the road in Chapel Hill, and having to play against a highly talented UNC team. As it turns out, the Tar Heels continue their inability to get out of their own way. Jackets win 34-30 on a late score resulting from UNC making a mental error.


orientalnc: Tech is happy to not be playing the UNC defense and the TO hogs the ball again. GT wins on the road 28-17

Grant: The game that we all know is coming: the "How did we lose that one?" game. Tech shows up flat in a cold noon game at Pittsburgh and can't get anything going. We've seen it before: Virginia 2011, BYU 2013, etc. Pitt wins 28-17.

Ben: Pitt lost two of their best players in Tom Savage and Aaron Donald. Pitt will definitely score a good bit of points with their HB that they found at the end of last season (James Conner), but without Aaron Donald on D to blow up the TO, they won't beat us. GT wins 35-28.

Cade: The ACC darkhorse candidate Panthers end up being a lot less than anticipated, losing to the Jackets in Pittsburgh. Tech's run game goes crazy after the departure of DT Aaron Donald and the Panthers can't catch up, losing to Tech 56-31.

Matt: The model says GT should win this game by 2.5 points on the road, and I think Pitt struggles breaking in a new QB this year. I'll say GT 31-27.

AOT: Tech recovers some of its earlier mojo and wins 45-30.

Luke: With Aaron Donald gone, Tech has an exponentially easier time running the ball. 30-17

Carter: The Panthers attempt sabotage when they replace Tech's catered food with Spillymeals. Fortunately, the Jackets' stomachs have been hardened from all the Sodexo food they eat and Pitt's plan is foiled. TECH 24 pitt 10

Tyler: Tech doesn't make the same mistake against Pitt and comes out firing in this one. No Aaron Donald or Tom Savage means no chance at keeping up with the Jackets. Tech on the giving end of a conference blowout 45-14.

Joey: The Jackets travel to Pittsburgh for the first time since they were considered "One-Time National Champions" to take on a team that nobody has any idea what to make of this year. The Panthers combine moments of brilliance with moments of boneheaded-ness. Georgia Tech wins a squeaker, 27-24.


orientalnc: The Cavaliers still have a ways to go and cannot matchup with the GT offense. The Jackets run up the score on Homecoming Day, 56-13.

Grant: Despite the influx in high calibre talent, the Hoos are no match for a GT squad that's ready to get back to winning. Tech nation breathes a sigh of relief after last week's disappointing loss as Tech cruises to a 42-10 win. Until...

Ben: The Yellow Jackets will definitely be pumped up for Homecoming. They should put up a lot of points on a team that has the talent to be great, but simply does not have the coaching. GT wins 56-17.

Cade: Nothing good happens for the Cavaliers in what proves to be yet another terrible year, marking the end of the Mike London era. Justin Thomas tears up the defense and the defense holds down Kevin Parks on their way to an easy 42-17 home victory.

Matt: UVA actually has some talent but man were they bad the last couple of years. The model says GT should win by 17 points and I agree, GT 34-17.

AOT: Remember when we used to fear this game every year? Tech rolls 52-17.

Luke: I do remember when we used to fear this game, especially while riding a three game win streak. Make it 4 against a young but not so good Virgina team 45-21.

Carter: Last year proved Tech could commit five turnovers against Virginia and still win by double digits, but after an early interception Paul Johnson removes his sunglasses and fires a Cyclops-like eye beam at Justin Thomas' feet. Tech wins easily, helped by some truly bizarre playcalling from Mike London which includes taking a knee on fourth down and attempting long armpunts rather than actual punts. TECH 42 uva 17

Tyler: Virginia starts the season 2-6 and is ready to hang up the cleats by the time this one starts. Justin Thomas puts together an offensive player of the week performance and the Jackets handle the Cavaliers 38-17.

Joey: Paul Johnson checks his schedule and is concerned to see Virginia. He then checks his map and sees that the game will be played over 500 miles from Charlottesville. He exhales, before leading his team to a five-score, 48-17 win on Homecoming. Mike London is fired on the way back to the Atlanta airport, and that night somehow ends up where all weird nights end up -- the Clermont Lounge, staring at a girl they call "Blondie". (Do NOT Google that at work. Or maybe ever.)

NC State

orientalnc: Normally a game at Carter-Finally is a battle for GT, but the Wolfpack is most puppies right now and the Tech TO is too much for them. GT 35-17.

Grant: Another game that, on paper, Tech should win. However, NC state somehow manages to hang with Tech in an antagonizingly-frustrating way. This one's a toss up. The Tech homer in me wants to say 35-31 Jackets, but the realist knows we won't be 8-2 heading into Clemson. Jackets fall 38-35.

Ben: NC State is definitely a team to watch this season. At this point in the season, Jacoby Brissett should be comfortable in Dave Doeren's offense, so this will be a closer game than others think. GT wins 28-24.

Matt: NCST has recruited at about the same level as the Jackets the past three years, but they have yet to put it together on the field. The model says the Jackets win by 7 on the road. GT 24-17.

AOT: Ho-hum, another Tech victory. 34-17.

Luke: Make it the Carolina sweep. 30-14

Carter: Dave Doeren has brought his brand of MACtion to the ACC but as we found out last year his teams freeze up against any semblance of a defense. Fortunately, what remains our defensive line does indeed constitute a semblance, and Paul Johnson's offense scorches the Pack again and again. I make far too many jokes about the stadium being named after me and no one finds them funny. TECH 38 ncsu 14

Tyler: At 7-2, it's a perfect game for Tech to get caught looking ahead to Clemson. NC State leads at halftime 17-10. CPJ gives a locker room speech to remember and Tech puts together a beautiful second half to win 27-17.

Joey: The #19 Yellow Jackets roll into Raleigh to play in front of a crowd with a pleasant amount of Georgia Tech support, including some guy from nearby Oriental, holding a sign that just has a URL on it that has something to do with a "Rumble Seat"...whatever that is. The Wolfpack have their moments, but Georgia Tech wins a frustrating but easy one 27-13.


orientalnc: At home and ranked, the GT offense is cracking on all cylinders for a very emotional game. In a wild one, the Jackets prevail 38-35 in OT as Isaiah Johnson intercepts in the endzone on the game's final play.

Grant: We get a night game! Tech fans rejoice. Campus is already buzzed after the Basket Jackets opened up their new season nicely by curb-stomping the dwags the night before in McCamish Pavilion. Clemson doesn't show up to play, and the Tech defense has their best game of the season. Bobby Dodd is a beautiful sight when things are going well, and the students storm the field to celebrate the end of the program's rivalry win drought and the last home game of the season. Tech takes it 34-24.

Ben: Without a doubt, this will be a high-scoring affair. Clemson is replacing a lot on offense, but at this point in the season they will be perfectly fine. The Yellow Jackets will definitely put up a serviceable fight up until probably the end of the third or beginning of the fourth quarter, but the Tigers will be too good. Clemson wins 56-28.

Cade: The Jackets play the Tigers close the whole game and finally pull away in the fourth quarter to secure another win on the season in front of a (hopefully) packed house at BDS. Neither offense can get much going and the Jackets finally pull one out, 21-17 over Clemson.

Matt: Clemson out recruits us, to put it kindly, and was a great team last year. They lost a lot of talent in the draft but they should still be a great team. The model only has them favored by 5 - 6 points, but I can't see the Jackets keeping this one close. Clemson 38 - 21.

AOT: Tech plays well but Clemson is now playing for a National Championship and pours it on, 41-27.

Luke: The Tigers will come in with 1 loss to undefeated FSU. They will leave with 1 loss as they are fighting for a playoff berth. 40-27

Carter: "There are people out there who have never let me live it down that I once lost to Georgia Tech twice in one year. Well I just beat Georgia Tech three times in a row, and I couldn't think of a better place to win all three than the best stadium in the world, RIGHT HERE IN DEATH VALLEY!"

It turns out no one remembered to tell Dabo Swinney the game was in Atlanta this year and he doesn't get credit for the win. climpsun 28 TECH 21

Tyler: With a conference championship berth at stake, Tech and Clemson play a primetime game to remember. Both defenses can't get a key stop until Quayshawn Nealy releases a devastating hit to QB Cole Stoudt forcing a game-changing turnover for Tech. The Jackets hold on to the ball for the final five minutes of the game and get past Clemson 38-34.

Joey: Two ranked teams converge in Bobby Dodd Stadium for the first time since 2011, with Georgia Tech playing for a conference championship berth. It's an exciting primetime game with a lot of nervous moments, but Clemson manages to break Tech fans' hearts again, 38-30. I approach uncharted drinking territory and get in trouble for tweeting some sort of double-entendre dealing with Tigers and female anatomy.


orientalnc: The Runt Hounds are fired up to play GT as the Jackets are ranked in the Top 10 and the 3-loss dawgs are buried in the SEC East standings. GT loses 35-31 when a bad pitch is returned for a long TD in the final minutes of the game.

Grant: At 8-3, Paul Johnson knows a win will likely seal his contract for at least another year. A banged up and overrated dwags squad limps into Sanford stadium with a 6-5 record, but are still favored to win by a touchdown. Justin Thomas and Tim Byerly have both become seasoned veterans and know their roles within the offense. Woof woof, doggies. Tech takes it in a barn burner 36-34 after some Paul Johnson badassery gives Byerly the ball on a 2 point conversion that the ugag offense fails to match.

Ben: I really want us to win this game, but the only way I see that happening is if uga has a huge plague of injuries come over them again and they end up losing Hutson Mason and Todd Gurley. At this point, I'm going to assume they're both healthy for this game. uga (unfortunately) wins 42-30.

Cade: The Jackets head into Athens with some good momentum and a four game winning streak but find a way to lose to the dwags and Hutson Mason between the hedges. Todd Gurley has his 12th consecutive game with less than 50 yards and is bumped to third string as people across the world realize that he isn't, in fact, the second coming. uga wins 34-24 and I throw up.

Matt: LOLZ gurley is going to break a career rushing record during this game, Model says UGA by 12, I'll go full pessimism here: UGA 41 - GT 14. (7-5, and I think the model over-estimates GT's chances this year. Also a ton of these games are going to be decided by one-possession. I honestly could see anything from 5-7 to 9-3.)

AOT: How many times can your heart be broken? Turns out, at least one more time. UGA wins 23-22.

Luke: Unless Todd Gurley has managed to get arrested, suspended, or broke both legs (he could probably still run with one), I cannot find a good outcome in this game. It stays close for the first half, maybe we even have a lead, due to the how rivalry games work. At the end, the bad guys just pull away. 35-20

Carter: Gurley and Marshall have dominated everything. I look into my bottle of liquor. It's empty. I look at the table. It's full of more empty liquor bottles. I look around the room and realize this is not my home. Someone I don't know just walked in. This is really awkward.

On the bright side, due his speed Gurley is ticketed by Athens police for speeding. Super speeder ticket, too. He's going to have to spend his entire first NFL paycheck on that. TECH 14 u[sic]ga 31

Tyler: After the unbelievable win vs. Clemson, Tech seems a bit hungover in the first half against the dogs. Leading 21-10 going into the third, Georgia runs Gurley and Marshall to death and keeps Tech off of the field for the majority of the half. We can't get the timely stop we need, and the dogs prevail 31-24.

Joey: Two ranked teams converge in Sanford Stadium for the first time in about two weeks. Nobody gives Georgia Tech a chance because, I mean, come on, and also something about . The Jackets threaten late, but lose on something stupid like a blocked extra point being returned for two points, or a tipped pass that was thrown into double coverage but ends up caught for a 73-yard score (lol). Gurley men prevail in another heartbreaker, 35-31. Both teams finish 9-3, and neither represents their division in their conference championship games -- Miami and South Carolina each win tiebreakers to go.

ACC Championship

orientalnc: Tech loses to the undefeated Noles in the ACCCG game 35-14.

Grant: Tech makes it a game for three quarters but Jameis Winston is on his way to his second consecutive Heisman trophy. Florida state ices it with two late touchdowns 31-14.

Tyler: A superior FSU team controls us in the trenches for four straight quarters. A late TD and field goal get us within seven, but Winston proves to be too much and beats Tech 38-24 on the way to a second place finish in the Heisman.

Overall Predictions

Author Wins Losses
orientalnc 10 3
Grant 9 4
Ben 9 3
Cade 8 4
Matt 7 5
AOT 8 4
Luke 8 4
Carter 9 3
Tyler 9 4
Joey 9 3

Do any of us have a clue? What are your predictions?