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Georgia Tech Football: FALL #CAMPDATE 1

Day 1 of camp is in the books, and WE'RE GOING TO CHARLOTTE!!!!

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

After players reported on Wednesday, #GTCAMP14 started on Thursday. Players wore helmets and shorts (no pads) and did drills and stuff. One of those things they did was run, because football involves running a lot and so you know what we're going to start that up real early-like. Well, after lots of running and other merry-making, the big bad coach came down and pointed at the kicker of all folks, saying, "If that guy over there can't accomplish feats of incredible athleticism, you guys are just going to keep running until the season starts." So poor Harrison Butker, with the whole team staring at him hoping they would be able to take a little break from running, was given the task of hitting six straight field goals. Well, five field goals later, Butker was one monster 52-yard field goal from being everyone's knight in shining armor.

You got that right, Synjyn Days. You got that right. (Also, notice that Butker turns around and walks away around the time the ball hits its peak. He knew. Everyone knew.)

More comments below from Quayshawn Nealy, Justin Thomas, and the big bad coach himself.

More #CAMPDATES to come, but until then... #ThankYouHarrison.