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Georgia Tech Football: Phil Steele Selects Preseason All-ACC Teams, Including Nealy, Gotsis, Mason, and Johnson

Phil Steele named 4 Georgia Tech players to his first through fourth-team preseason All-ACC teams, but left off one major name.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Phil Steele, widely regarded as an authority on college football (side note: that doesn't sound like too bad of a career, between you and me), released his preseason All-ACC teams on Wednesday. There were four teams that he released, with 28 players each, for a total of 112 players. Georgia Tech had 4 entries, and they were the following:

Position Name Team
OL Shaquille Mason 2nd Team
LB Quayshawn Nealy 2nd Team
DT Adam Gotsis 3rd Team
S Isaiah Johnson 4th Team

Am I happy at only four players from our squad being considered worthy of any of these teams? Not really. But I do understand. So many players on these teams come from Florida State, Clemson, and Louisville, each of which have pretty major stockpiles of talent. (15 of the 28 first-team players are from these three schools.)

That being said, there is one thing I'm upset about. There was a major, major snub from this list, and I'm not convinced that Phil Steele is aware that he was actually omitted. Can you guess who it is?

Look again. Where is the guy that is supposedly considered one of the most dangerous kick and punt returners in the conference? I mean, I realize that Jamal Golden was injured for a majority of last year, but that doesn't affect his return abilities. Oh, and Phil -- I know that you're aware of him. You ranked him as a top-4 kick returner AND punt returner last year -- the only player to make each of those lists.

Yes, those are probably our four best players. No, all of our talent was not properly represented on this team. I can't say that I'm completely satisfied with this list, but that's just me.

Who else was a snub? Do you think that more players will end up on the postseason All-ACC teams?