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Georgia Tech Football Top Plays of 2013: #2 - Robert Godhigh's Leaping Grab Against Virginia Tech

Robbie gives his best UNC 2012 reenactment, this time in front of a packed house in Atlanta.

Kevin C. Cox

Robbie Godhigh has a way of beating the odds. Everything about him, really, defies conventional logic.

Without a single offer to play football from an FBS school, he chose to walk on at Georgia Tech. A couple years later, he’s our go-to A-back and one of the best to play the position in the Paul Johnson era.

He’s only five feet, seven inches tall. Like he cares. In 2013, he led our team in both receiving yards and catches.

So when Robbie makes the incredible happen – whether he’s leaping over double coverage to pull down a touchdown or tight-roping the sideline while still evading defenders en route to a long touchdown run – I’ve learned to not question it, but to simply let it happen.

Today, we examine another classic Godhigh play, which turned out to be an encore of his famous catch at UNC.

The Situation: With ten minutes left in the third quarter, Georgia Tech trails Virginia Tech 14-3. To commemorate the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Grant Field, the Jackets are wearing some sharp vintage throwback uniforms that everyone loves. Not to be outdone, the other Tech shows up wearing some stupid rock-head helmets that look like they were made with an ink jet printer from the late 90’s.

It is third and eight from the Jackets own 20. This is a crucial play – failing to pick up the third down will only continue the offensive woes that plagued the Jackets in the first half.

The Play: Vad Lee is lined up in the gun with only B-back David Sims in the backfield with him. It’s fairly obvious he is looking to pass. A-back Synjyn Days is lined up almost where a tight end would line up, and Robbie is lined up as a slot receiver to the left.


The ball is snapped. Vad drops back in the pocket, but the Hokies rush six and he has no time to settle in. Microseconds before being nailed, he throws a deep ball off his back foot (as was his favorite thing to do) to Robbie, who is running a vertical from the slot.

Virginia Tech corner Detrick Bonner is a step behind Robbie, but he quickly catches up when the 5’7" A-back slows down to adjust to the ball. Rather than try to make a play on the ball, however, Bonner simply runs into Robbie with his hands in the air. Robbie elevates and makes Bonner look foolish as he pulls in the ball practically on top of the defender’s left shoulder pad for a 40 yard gain and a first down.

This sensational catch ultimately set up a touchdown drive, the real Tech’s only one of the night. The game ended poorly for the Jackets, but it will be hard to forget this great play by The Little Walk-on That Could.

The 2013 season’s Top Play will be unveiled on Monday at 8am EST! Be sure to check in and see who it is. Hint: this player will be back in the fall. Who do you think it is?