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Georgia Tech Football: 2014 Promotional Poster Released

This year's promotional poster was released, providing a couple of interesting points of excitement.

Georgia Tech Athletics

Every year, Georgia Tech's football program releases a poster displaying its schedule, among other "hype material" (as does every other school in the country). Yesterday, the 2014 rendition was announced, with two main discussion points.

First, take a look at the players displayed here. It's Adam Gotsis, Shaquille Mason, DeAndre Smelter, Jamal Golden, Quayshawn Nealy, Isaiah Johnson, and...Justin Thomas. First off, I find it interesting that there are only two non-seniors on there, and it's mega-playmaker Adam Gostis and hopeful starting QB Justin Thomas. Just think -- this could be foreshadowing! Would the marketing department put a player on its promotional poster that wasn't even a starter? Maybe the writing is on the wall there...

It should also be mentioned that Mason, Smelter, Nealy, Johnson, Golden, and Gotsis all have legitimate NFL potential. (At this point, I can't say that Thomas does, at least as a QB.) That makes me feel really good about this team -- or at least the defense.

The other talking point here is -- we interrupt this broadcast to bring you a UNIFORM THREAD!!!!!! (Press play on the video below for full effect.)

The uniforms shown in the picture are the beautiful throwback variety worn during last year's Bobby Dodd Stadium 100th Anniversary Celebration game against Virginia Tech. They're so historic. They're so clean. They're so...generally awesome.

More to the point...does the choice of outfit...suggest something here? Might this be the go-to uniform of Fall 2014 for home games?

That's right, we're starting the discussion right now, before the comments even start. Thoughts on Justin Thomas making the poster without Byerly? Thoughts on the choice of uniform?