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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football: Spring GameThread!

Can't make it to the game tonight and watching online? We're discussing here!

Remember the last time we played in the rain?
Remember the last time we played in the rain?
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Everybody loves a good spring football game. You've gone months now in a world almost entirely devoid of college football, and now you've got this one last little bit to hold you off for another four months. So in the words of one of the sport's most famous prophets, "If we gon' do it then, we do it big then".

When's the last time you went to a football game and didn't know who to cheer for? It's probably the most confusing, frustrating, conflicting part of a spring game -- who do I cheer? Am I happy that the defense recorded a sack or interception? Am I happy that the B-Back broke four tackles and scored a 65-yard touchdown? There's good and bad all over and it's tough to interpret. So here at FTRS, we're going to fix that. We're going to be pioneers of spring-football-game-watchin' and solve that problem for you.

Tonight, we're picking sides.

That's right. Now you're going to KNOW who to cheer for by picking a side and cheering like this were any other football game (but maybe with a little less hate for the other team because I mean come on we're all brothers and sisters here). You're hereby obligated to pick whether you're going to cheer the white or gold team, and to stick with that for the entire game (or at least until someone on the other side does something really awesome).

If you're on Twitter, we'll be using the hashtags #GTWhite and #GTGold to cheer on our respective squads throughout the night. As of now, our writing staff has picked as such (it'll be updated as we go along):

#GTWhite #GTGold
Carter Templeton Benjamin Tankersley
Joey Weaver Grant Heffeley

It would appear as though #GTWhite is the first-team offense and second-team defense, and #GTGold is the first-team defense and second-team offense. You know, just in case that helps you to pick.

So who you got, readers? Joining forces with Carter and I on #GTWhite, or are you giving your allegiance to #GTGold? If you're watching on ESPN3 tonight, let's talk about the game here in the comments!