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Georgia Tech Football: Reports -- Ex-QB Lee Changes Mind, Will Re-Enroll with Special Mentor

After weeks of hearing little good news out of Georgia Tech's football program, Jacket fans got some great news Tuesday morning.

Joe Robbins

Georgia Tech's football team learned some great news Tuesday as former starting QB (and recent James Madison transfer) Vad Lee announced that he'd had a change of heart.

"I realize now my mistake in leaving Georgia Tech, and will plan to re-enroll there immediately," commented Lee. "I look forward to two more great years of transitioning Georgia Tech's offense from the spread option to the air raid."

In perhaps even better news, Lee also announced that he has a new mentor that he'll be returning with -- a former Georgia Tech great who also had a knack for both throwing and running the ball.

"In my time away from school I've made a lot of friends, but there's one that sticks out above all the rest to me," said Lee. "I'm excited to be bringing a former Georgia Tech great with me in my return. Reggie Ball has been a wonderful mentor for me both on and off the field, and I know that he'll help as I continue to improve as the starting QB at Georgia Tech."

When asked for comment, Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson grunted, before mumbling something about not having his "morning Irish coffee" and "competition in spring practice".

Tech fans, are you excited to have Lee back on the Flats? More comfortable knowing that we're returning last year's starter under center?

Being that this is the internet, it should probably be clarified that this article is meant as an April Fool's joke. Hopefully you don't walk away feeling too offended.