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POSTGAME THREAD: #11 Georgia Tech Falls to #4 Florida State 37-35, That's OK

The Yellow Jackets put up a fight against the defending national champions, and fell just short.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

You know, it's interesting. I hate when Georgia Tech loses games, particularly in football. A lot of times, it makes me mad. Usually, there are points in the game where they played poorly and it costs them.

This time, though, I'm not.

No, I'm not upset at all.

This team went up against the defending National Champions, and a team that hasn't lost since we saw them two years ago, and put as much a scare into them as anyone has in the time since.

Sure, we lost, but that's OK.

We played a good game and lost. Losing isn't fun, but sometimes you play well and still lose. That's OK.

You know what's interesting? We talked so much in the lead up to this game about how sloppy FSU had been with the football all season. Did you know that they had turned the ball over to every single FBS team they played this year?

Did you know that they also turned the ball over to almost every team they've played in the last two years? Did you know that this was the first time they've played an FBS team and not turned the ball over since they played Maryland on October 5 of last year?

Here's the moral of the story: this was likely the best game the defending national champions have played all year, and they won by less than a field goal. This Georgia Tech team, built of almost entirely three-star recruits, lost to a team filled to the brim with four- and five-star recruits. They lost by 2 points.

I don't like losing, and neither do you. But did this loss really upset you? Because I can think of an awful lot of losses over the last few years I was a lot more upset about.

This team is going to the Orange Bowl, and it's going to be awesome. They're still a team performing to an unbelievable level compared to what was expected of them. Let's talk a bit about the loss, but let's not get upset. There's nothing to be upset about. The team was outplayed by players that should have outplayed them by a lot more than they did. Our guys are well-coached, and they're awesome.

And they're not done yet.

Thoughts on the loss? Is it bad? Is it acceptable in your book?