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From the Rumble Seat's Over/Unders SPECIAL EDITION - 2014 ACC Championship Game

What, you thought we were done after the regular season? Not a chance.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Last Week's Results & Season Leaderboard

Unfortunately, we won't be reporting results from the georgia game or an updated season leaderboard. We likely won't reveal the results from this week, either, until after the Bowl game. Let the suspense build!

This Week's Picks

We do, however, have a SPECIAL EDITION of picks this week. The lines are largely based on what's happened in each team's recent games. Will it be more of the same for these two teams?

The one clarification that likely will need making is on total possessions. A possession will be defined, for our sake, as involving at least one play from scrimmage. That is to say that a kickoff return for a touchdown, an interception returned for a touchdown, or a play involving multiple turnovers (a player recovers a fumble and then fumbles in the same play) will not count as a possession. If you need further clarification, leave your question in the comments.

Get to picking! Good luck! GO JACKETS!

All selections are due by kickoff of Saturday night's ACC Championship Game between Georgia Tech and Florida State!