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2014 Orange Bowl - Georgia Tech vs Mississippi State: Forward Progress Continues to be a Myth

Oddly enough, in their last three games, Georgia Tech has caught the wrong end of each way that the rule can be improperly enforced.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After a bizarre non-call of forward progress in Athens that nearly screwed over Georgia Tech, they've caught another bad call in the first quarter of the Orange Bowl. Mississippi State RB Josh Robinson was pretty much still moving when he fumbled and Jamal Golden recovered. Only the play was called back, because Robinson's forward progress was said to have been stopped.

You may remember a similar incident when Georgia Tech was in Athens a month ago, taking on their rivals the georgia bulldogs. Justin Thomas may have scored a touchdown, but was unquestionably stopped for multiple seconds (some counted a full 4 seconds), when a georgia defensive player stripped the ball out and returned it for a 99-yard touchdown.

At the time of this writing, Georgia Tech leads Mississippi State 14-10 in the second quarter.