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Georgia Tech Football: Reports - Paul Johnson Offered Contract Extension

Two days following the program's biggest win in six years and just days before a chance at knocking off Florida State, the head coach has been offered a contract extension.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The AJC's Jeff Schultz is reporting that, after months without negotiations, Georgia Tech's head football coach Paul Johnson has been officially offered a contract extension.

The terms of the offer are unknown at this point, though recent speculation has said that Johnson will likely receive similar compensation to what he's made since his previous extension in 2009 -- around $2.7 million per year. The main difference would fall in how much money was being allocated to his assistants, whose compensation is currently ranked in the bottom half of the ACC and only outranks North Carolina among schools reporting to this USA Today study.

Johnson's contract was originally set for 7 years (2008-2014) before an extension in December 2008, and was last extended by another year in 2009, when his team was 10-1. The contract was set to expire at the finish of the 2016 season. Johnson was considered to be "on the hot seat" as recently as mid-September, but coached his team to a 6-2 record in-conference, wins over all four teams they had struggled to beat for years, and an ACC Coastal Division Championship that will have them playing against Florida State in Saturday's ACC Championship Game.