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HALFTIME REPORT: Georgia Tech Tied with uga 7-7

Georgia Tech was put through the gauntlet in the first half on both sides of the ball, and came out with only a 7-point deficit.

This man is on fire today.
This man is on fire today.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

On uga's first drive, they came out and ran the ball down the Jackets' throats, marching right down the field for a touchdown.

The rest of the half was a major power struggle.

The Jackets were fighting for yards and field position, through a blocked field goal and a couple of stalled drives, and hanging around with a couple of turnovers forced inside the 5-yard line.

They scored on a pass to Darren Waller with 8 seconds left until halftime, and we've now got a new game, folks.

Georgia Tech will get the ball to start the second half, tied, with 30 minutes left to go in this game. The defense needs to tighten up and force a couple of punts, and the offense needs to create at least two more touchdowns to win. The Jackets are in great position, though, given the events of the first half. Here's to hoping they get it done.