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The Boboffense: uga's Offensive Playcalling Patterns in 2014

Mike Bobo has been offensive coordinator of the dogs since 2006-ish. He's 40 and runs a pretty plain offense. He runs when you expect him to run and he passes when you expect him to pass.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Did you not read the italic text above? This is a plain offense. The Boboffense practice this thing called balance. They run 17 times for every 10 passes versus Tech's slightly run favored offense that runs 31 times for every 10 passes. Bobo's squad nationally is 38th in total offense, 16th in rushing, and 102nd in passing offense. They only have about 34 more yards passing per game than Tech. Georgie doesn't really need passing to score though as they rank 7th nationally in scoring.


Speaking of running, the dogs like to run a lot on first and second down. I lumped the two downs together in the chart because there's almost no difference in play selection from 1st to 2nd down for the dogs. 3rd down, I assume, is play action or some form of passing 2/3 of the time. 3rd down completely flips the pie chart.


The above chart is a display of how frantic and predictable playcalling can become on 3rd and 7 to 9 yards. I'm not saying that's illogical it just shows how important stopping the run on 1st and 2nd down is. You know georgie will run 1st and 2nd and you know what's coming on 3rd and long. I just want to see a solid effort from our defense that keeps us in the game through consistent 1st and second down play. I'm not a betting man but this is the most powerful offense we've faced all season and we're the best offense they've faced so I wanna take the OVER.