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POSTGAME THREAD: Georgia Tech Defeats Clemson 28-6, Opportunistic Defense Prevails

Georgia Tech came out of Saturday's game against Clemson with a couple of defensive scores, and another solid performance altogether.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports


So let's review here.

Between 2010 and 2013, Georgia Tech was 1-15 against Virginia Tech, Miami, Clemson, and uga.

Between August and today, Georgia Tech is 3-0 against those teams.

Yes, for the third time this year, Georgia Tech came away with a win over a team they've struggled heavily to beat for the last few years.

There were some sad moments in the game with major injuries to major players on each team, but for now, we'll celebrate the end result. Georgia Tech's defense showed up huge, returning two interceptions for touchdowns and taking full advantage of opportunities all afternoon. The offense struggled with Clemson's talented defensive front, but turned in a gutsy performance featuring plenty of well-thrown passes from Justin Thomas.

Georgia Tech heads to Athens in two weeks to finish their regular season. They'll head there with a 9-2 record and almost assuredly a top-20 ranking.

Great win. Let's celebrate.