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Georgia Tech Football: Tremayne McNair Drops an Interception, Feels Bad, Teammates Pile It On

It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and it was (as with countless other things in the game) fumbled away.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With about 5 minutes to play against Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech had a 56-28 lead that would also end up as the final score. Not quitting, though, Pittsburgh's offense continued trying to move the ball down the field to try and cut into the Yellow Jackets' lead. Naturally, that involved a lot of passing. Naturally, with the backup QB in the game, not all of it was good passing.

Indeed, one errant pass came in the direction of Senior LB Tremayne McNair -- more specifically, the direction of his gut. Unfortunately, it wouldn't stick there, falling to the ground shortly before McNair did in disappointment. The career backup knew it was a golden opportunity that had just passed him up. He had this to say after the game:

McNair would even go on to post a video of the incident, for reference:

The disappointment evident in those tweets is heartbreaking. A career of hard work and dedication, waiting for his one shot...his one opportunity to seize everything he ever wanted in one moment. Instead of capturing it, he just...let it slip. His palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy, and his sweater appeared to have had vomit on it already that resembled mom's spaghetti.

His teammates piled on with ruthless aggression, mocking him and reminding him of his error.

Tremayne, I feel for you, sir. Don't listen to your "teammates". We'll all be rooting for you to get the next one.

In all seriousness, I do want to thank Tremayne for his time on the Flats. He's been immensely valuable and important to this team in ways that most fans wouldn't understand. Also, I'd like to point out that I have a deep appreciation for the camaraderie among the team to where they're able to joke and give each other a hard time about these types of things.