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POSTGAME THREAD: Georgia Tech Defeats Pittsburgh 56-28, You Can Exhale Now

In a pretty astoundingly weird game, the Yellow Jackets got back into the win column on the road.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This game was bizarre from the start.

Actually, no, it was pretty normal for a while.

Then Pitt took the second offensive snap of the game, and hilarity ensued. Georgia Tech scored 28 points in the first quarter off of 5 lost fumbles by Pitt.

That was neat. It was a 28-0 lead by the end of the first quarter, and things were great.

Then things got a little uncomfortable. The defense struggled, and the offense dried up a bit. Pitt scored 21 of the next 28 points, and all of a sudden the 4 TD lead was down to 2 TD's, and momentum was in Pitt's favor. The third down defense was a major struggle for a while in the middle part of the game, causing pretty big problems across the board.

Finally, the defense was able to turn it up and get a couple of stops, allowing Georgia Tech to open it up to a 49-21 lead with 10 minutes to play. The rest was history.

I'm honestly not sure how to feel about this win. I'm happy we won, and there were some cool moments in the game, but there were some pretty major struggles through a lot of the game too. Pitt went for over 500 yards of offense (padded some by the final ten minutes when the game was well within control) and had all sorts of success on third downs -- continued symptoms of problems we've seen in past weeks.

Happy with this win? Does it leave you with worry? Am I just being a negative Nancy?