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Georgia Tech Football: Yellow Jackets' Injury Report vs Miami

It's looking like a pretty healthy roster for Georgia Tech this week.

Charles Perkins returns!
Charles Perkins returns!
Scott Cunningham

Georgia Tech released its injury report today prior to Saturday's game against division foe Miami. It was as follows:


R-Jr DT Adrian Gardner (Foot)


R-Fr QB Brady Swilling (Hand)

Both players are walk-ons, and only Gardner has seen any game action this year -- that being in minimal fashion. The good news this week is the return of Senior AB Charles Perkins, who was held out of the Virginia Tech game after being listed as doubtful due to a "lower leg" injury. He's listed as a starter this week, which should be a big deal for an offense that struggled creating a threat from the A-Back position in Blacksburg.

Paul Johnson mentioned this week in his weekly radio show that he doesn't like getting too into the injury report (listing a whole bunch of guys as "questionable" or "probable") because it offers opposing teams an idea of where his players are hurt. Between that and the bye week that the Yellow Jackets just finished, it's no surprise that this week's injury report is a very short one.