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HALFTIME REPORT: Georgia Tech Trails UNC 21-17

It was about what we should have expected from these two teams in the first half.

Grant Halverson

On UNC's first drive, they were forced to punt quickly.

Georgia Tech's ensuing drive saw a turnover on the second play after a huge catch-and-run by Deon Hill on their first play.

Then UNC threw an interception to Jamal Golden.

From there, it was a barrage of scoring. Georgia Tech scored 17 points on their next 4 drives (would have been 21 if not for a false start on 4th and 1), while UNC scored touchdowns on three straight drives.

So, a couple of stops by each defense, and more scores by each offense. What did you expect?

Georgia Tech needs to clean up their offense in a couple of ways, and the defense is going to need a couple or three stops to win this game. At this point, the Yellow Jackets' offense is running slowly enough to keep the score lower than 2012-levels, but this should still be a pretty high-scoring affair by the end of the game.

The most impressive thing from Georgia Tech in the first half was a solid two-minute drill executed by Justin Thomas and his A-Backs and receivers, with a combo of passes and rushes included. It was especially nice seeing Thomas go 6/10 with 134 yards and a touchdown through the air -- passing efficiency not typical of the Paul Johnson offense in his six years at Georgia Tech.

Happy about where Georgia Tech is at halftime? What should they fix for the second half?