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Georgia Tech Injury Report for North Carolina Game

Per the Georgia Tech Athletic Department, below is the injury report prior to Georgia Tech's game in Chapel Hill on Saturday:


Brady Swilling (hand)


Bryan Chamberlain (leg)

Noticeably missing from this list are Justin Thomas and Jamal Golden, each of whom left last week's game early with injuries. Also missing from this list is DeAndre Smelter, who ran into a wall in the tunnel early in the game but stayed in it. Those are good absences from the list -- all crucial playmakers for this team.

The one thing that does worry me (and it's a pleasant surprise that I'm worried about him) is the absence of Bryan Chamberlain. He's pretty quietly having a really good season, and I think his absence last week did a lot to make me notice that. Hopefully he can play a majority of the game on Saturday -- he'd be pretty valuable up front against a good UNC defensive line.

Any concerns on the injury front for this game?