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Sources: Georgia Tech QB Vad Lee to Transfer

Lee has two years of eligibility remaining.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Sources are reporting that sophomore starting QB Vad Lee has played his last snap in white and gold and will be transferring out of Georgia Tech. The original report was from Kelly Quinlan, of Georgia Tech's Rivals affiliate

ESPN's Joe Schad went on to quote Lee as saying "The triple option was never really my thing." This explanation probably comes as little surprise to fans who watched him this year, as the offense and the reads involved in it never really clicked with him. Lee is likely to transfer to an FCS program so that he might play immediately, especially given that he has already used his redshirt year. It is also likely that the program he transfers to a program closer to his home of Durham, NC, knowing that he has always been closely tied to his home and his girlfriend (opposite him in his Twitter background) runs track at East Carolina in Greenville.

This leaves Georgia Tech in an interesting spot, with 4 options that will likely all get an equal shot. They have the rising redshirt sophomore Justin Thomas, the rising junior transfer Tim Byerly, the rising redshirt freshman Ty Griffin, and the incoming true freshman Matt Jordan, and all will get an equal shot at the position. This news couldn't have come at a much worse time for Paul Johnson, who will likely be coaching to save his job in the fall. Time will tell how big of an impact this has on Georgia Tech's offense.