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Getting to Know Duke, A Monday Link Dump

Checking in on our upcoming battle with the Blue Devils.

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Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

This Saturday we play the Blue Devils at Duke. I thought I would help our readers out and provide some links to learn about Duke's team this year.

SB Nation's Bill C.'s Preview

Predicts Duke for 4 wins. In order to make a 2nd straight bowl game some things will have to break their way. Also apparently their offensive line is their strongest unit.

Paul Myerberg's Duke Preview

More position previews.

Last week's game review from ESPN

Duke's original starter at QB left the game in the 2nd quarter with a broken collarbone, but the backup lit the place on fire. Duke is 2-0 on the season.

Duke Starting QB Lost, Hope Not

Starter Anthony Boone is out indefinitely, but Dukies everywhere believe in junior Brandon Connette to step in and get the job done in Boone's absence.

We'll have more coverage all week in order to get ready for Saturday.