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Shaq Mason Named ACC O-Lineman of the Week

It's Mason's second straight week winning the honor.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

For the second time in his career, and the second straight week, Georgia Tech's junior OG Shaquille Mason has been named the ACC's Offensive Lineman of the Week. Mason did a phenomenal job on Saturday playing against a very stout UNC defensive front. Vad Lee was sacked twice on Saturday, the first two times that's happened this season, but upon a review of film, both plays saw Mason take his man completely out of the play with some great pass blocking strength and footwork.

Mason hasn't gotten a lot of playing time in his first two years at Tech, always being stuck behind the likes of Omoregie Uzzi and Will Jackson. When he's gotten the chance though, Mason has made the most of it. Many folks would actually say that Mason is the most talented offensive lineman at Tech (although Mason would tell you that honor belongs to yet-untested Shamire Devine).

Congrats to Shaq, and here's to hoping he can reel off a few more awesome performances!

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