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Georgia Tech Football: Virginia Tech Game is a WHITEOUT

Per the Athletics department and SGA, fans are being directed to wear white to Thursday night's matchup with division rival Virginia Tech.


Our history of Thursday Night Whiteout Games under Paul Johnson is a prosperous one. Miami in 2008 turned into a downright romp (472 rushing yards in a 41-23 victory), while Clemson in 2009 was a wild one that we all remember. This week, the tradition is renewed as the Yellow Jackets take on Coastal foe Virginia Tech.

Show up wearing white, and get loud. We're going to come out on a national stage and take it to our division rivals. I'm going on the record now saying that we WILL win this game. Don't miss out on a chance to see us beat the Hokies for the first time since the magical season of 2009.

Will you be at the game? Got your outfit of white stuff picked out yet?