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Monday Opponent Link Dump: UNC Edition

Getting everyone educated on the Tar Heels in anticipation of Saturday's game.

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These are some articles in order to educate yourself on the UNC Tar Heels.

SBN's Bill C. Preview of UNC

A tough early schedule won't help UNC improve their win totals from last year, but if they can navigate the USC (oops)-GT-VT-Miami stretch early on they would win the coastal considering they don't play Clemson or FSU.

Paul Myerberg's Season Preview

UNC's defense is the biggest cause for concern, and with early high powered offenses (USC, GT, Miami) it will be tough for them to find their rhythm before they suffer a few losses.

The Tar Heel Blog's recap of the Middle Tennessee State Game two weeks ago. (UNC had a bye this week)

...That's like, all I could find. With UNC football not a big deal and a bye week last week, there isn't much coverage going on right now. If you guys have any stories you would like to share then add them in the comments.