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Expectations, Trepidation, and Vad Lee

My fears about the WRs are well-documented. But what about the guy on the other end of the 80-yard-pass, the one under the constant pressure?

Fighting through the pain, as we all expect him to do (and would do ourselves, right?)
Fighting through the pain, as we all expect him to do (and would do ourselves, right?)

As the recent Johnny Manziel fiascos have made so very obvious, expectations can be a bitch. One minute you're on top of the world, literally being america, the next your have to deal with a bunch of expositions about you being an alcoholic or being a backdoor arms autograph dealer; all because people are excited about your football ability. Thankfully Vad Lee has kept his head down/doesn't play in the SEC so the big-time media hasn't been at his gate with a ram like they have been at Johnny's. Close to the program, though, the expectations are just as tremendous.

As with any story or object or place hyped by other people to no end, I take a cautious approach to Lee. He completed 48% of his passes last year. He still hasn't run the option at full game speed for a full season, so his reads are still of some concern. So are fumbles, especially since his starting center has been out for quite some time. There's the ever-present concerns about his youth, no matter how unfounded. And of course, there's the unknown factor. This is Lee's first big night out alone under the spotlight, surrounded by nothing by darkness and 300 pound boys somewhere in that darkness who want to take his head off. How will he react?

All signs point to the answer to the aforementioned question being "well." He's always in Joe Hamilton's office asking him questions about what it takes to be great, and Paul Johnson is constantly praising his mental fortitude. Vad's definitely a competitor from what we've seen in games. The spring game showed us he's willing to make it up as he goes, as Vad fixed several busted plays with a quick step-and-go. But could that attitude give him the same problems Tevin Washington had? Only game time will tell.

We all know that VL2 has the physical gifts, too. Almost every pass I've ever seen him throw has been beautiful, and he's been working hard with the receivers to keep that standard up. Also, we all know that his low completion percentage wasn't all his fault, as the receivers tend to be drop-y at times.

All I'm saying is that we know Vad can do it, but people are expecting him to win the MNC all by himself. Let's not do that anymore, ok guys?

You think I'm wrong? You think Vad Lee is actually Conan the Barbarian incarnate? Aka Josh Nesbitt Re-Incarnate? Let us know, and Ramble On!