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ACC Digital Network's "25 Players to Watch": #24 Jamal Golden

Georgia Tech makes an appearance early on in the ACCDN's list with a guy who we were all planning to watch anyways.

Isn't it interesting how one of the guys we've talked about most this offseason isn't even a starter on defense? That's what happens when you have such electric return abilities as those of Jamal Golden, who checks in at #25 on the ACC Digital Network's "25 Players to Watch" list. I'd say he rightfully makes an appearance on the list, and could be a dark horse for ACC Specialist of the Year, in contention with Maryland's Stefon Diggs and Miami's Duke Johnson.

Now that Golden's on the list, who else will make the cut? Based on my theory that this list won't be made up of "household names", my guesses are...

Who would be on your list of "Players to Watch" from Georgia Tech? Would Jamal Golden make the cut?