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Game Values: The Best Win

Our Countdown to Kickoff continues today by looking at the one win we'd most want this year.


Countdown to Kickoff: 4 Days...

Think about this. You're told today that Georgia Tech will go 1-11 this season. That is non-negotiable. The losses can be as close or embarrassing as you want. (Lose 222-0 to Elon? Sure.) However, in this scenario you get to pick which team we beat. Probably an obvious choice, but I'm going to make the case for a few different teams we might go with.


Nobody ever wants to lose to Duke. Even if we have to lose to Elon, I still wouldn't want to lose to Duke.

Virginia Tech

We haven't beaten them since 2009. Frank Beamer is a giant whiner. He actually may have been the inspiration for Red Beaulieu. We're playing them in our house. I'm sick of losing to them.


Their fans are terrible. I have this theory that if you took a picture of Callaway Plaza before last year's game and removed all colors and logos (or otherwise direct indications that a fan is for one team or another), it would be so easy to tell. Miami fans are like uga fans, but from the ghetto. I hate their program. I hate that they're probably going to get away with a lot of the garbage that they pulled with Nevin Shapiro, solely on a technicality of a botched investigation.


As we mentioned before, nobody wants to lose two straight Homecoming games! If we're going to put on a show this season, it may as well be in front of the alumni.


How sweet would it be to shut Dabo up by going into Death Valley on a Thursday night and laying the wood on those guys? I would feel a little bad for their super-hospitable, friendly fans though.


Alright, enough kidding around. 1-11 means that an ACC Championship appearance is way out of the question, and a loss on Homecoming could be more than made up here. As bonus collateral damage, losing to a 1-11 team would no doubt ruin uga's national perception, which would be just as glorious as anything.


You already knew. I'd give up the other 11 games to beat uga.

Am I taking it too far? Is there another single game that's more important than that one?