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Game Previews: Yellow Jackets vs Alabama A&M, November 23

Our Countdown to Kickoff continues today with a look at our matchup against Alabama A&M.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Countdown to Kickoff: 8 Days...

Know Your Opponent:

Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University Bulldogs -- Huntsville, AL

2012 Record:

7-4 (6-3 SWAC)


In all honesty, I'm a bit torn on whether or not I like this game the week before Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate. On one side, it gives a full 17 days between Clemson and uga and should ensure that our players are healthy and ready to go for our post-Thanksgiving showdown. On the other hand, it provides us with a marvelous opportunity at a trap game. In between our two biggest rivals, we'll be playing a team that's fairly serviceable for an FCS-level team. They're going to travel well to Atlanta, they're going to be excited to play on a big stage, and our players will be disinterested by the end of the first couple of drives, looking forward to the next week's game.

Even still, this Alabama A&M team lost by a score of 51-7 to a very bad Auburn team last year, one of only 3 wins they managed all season. Hopefully they don't present too big of an issue to Tech and provide a nice opportunity to prepare for the regular season finale.

Alabama A&M Wins If:

They can catch Tech napping, play an inspired game in front of lots of their own fans, and avoid mistakes. The chances of this happening are worse than Tech's chances of beating uga the following week.

Tech Wins If:

They don't screw it up and take care of business. They'll need to ensure that as many players as possible are healthy coming out of this game as we look towards the following weekend.


Georgia Tech 60, Alabama A&M 13

Is this the definition of a trap game, or is there no way that Tech loses this one?