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Game Previews: Yellow Jackets vs Elon Phoenix, August 31

Our Countdown to Kickoff rambles on today with the start of our final mini-series leading up to the end of a long offseason. We're looking at each of the 12 regular season games on Tech's schedule.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Countdown to Kickoff: 18 Days...

Know Your Opponent:

Elon University Phoenix -- Elon, NC

2012 Record:

3-8 (1-7 SoCon)

Points Scored/Allowed Per Game:


Passing/Rushing Offensive Yards & Ratio:

2981/853 -- 3.495

Passing/Rushing Defensive Yards & Ratio:

1477/2361 -- 0.626


Guys, we gotta be careful. If we let this team out of our sights, they'll sneak up on us and oh I just can't even take this game seriously. This game will be a joke. Elon isn't just a bad team, they're a bad FCS team. It kinda makes me think I could walk-on and be second on their depth chart if I went there. They pass a lot, meaning our D-Line will get plenty of opportunity to pin their ears back while our secondary will have some time for "Open Season" on passes. Then consider the fact that they allowed almost 900 more rushing yards than passing yards last year, and you can tell that our offense will have a heyday.

Elon Wins If:

Georgia Tech forfeits, or the entire team comes down with dysentery or something.

Georgia Tech Wins If:

They show up and play.


Georgia Tech 62, Elon 6

You worried, Tech fans? (Lord, I would hope not.)