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Scrimmage 8/10 Notes

Just returned from this morning's scrimmage. Here are a few notes before you get more on Monday in the Mailbag!

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics
  • First, and perhaps most importantly, NATE GOT A PICTURE WITH RON CHERRY! One day Nate will get married, and it will be the second-best day of his life.
  • Second, and next most importantly, both of us got a picture with Joe Hamilton. One day I will get married, and it will be the second-best day of my life.
  • The first play I saw was Vad in the pistol making a long throw to Michael Summers, who pulled a nasty move to get around Louis Young and make a great catch for about 30 yards. (Corrected -- it was Louis Young, not Lynn Griffin who was defending Summers.)
  • Tony Zenon, Ray Beno, Isaiah Johnson and Quayshawn Nealy were notable players out. Beno in particular told me he's fine, but just trying to get his elbow healed up. None of these guys would have had issues playing were it a real game.
  • Errin Joe went down with an injury and was on the ground for a few didn't look good. No word on what it was.
  • Darren Waller, DeAndre Smelter, and Travin Henry got a lot of time at first-team receiver today. Michael Summers and Corey Dennis had good games as well. Dennis in particular surprised me with how well he made a case for playing time.
  • Backup QBs Timmy Byerly and Holland Frost got a lot of work, in particular from the pistol throwing the ball. Both looked pretty good, Byerly looks more refined though.
  • Snoddy got a lot of reps today at B-Back, probably as many if not more than Sims and Laskey.
  • P.J. Davis played WLB for Nealy, and let's just say he looked nothing like a 2-star recruit who was a "backup plan" for us near signing day last year.

Thoughts and Observations from Nate...

  • The lower east stands were pretty full, which made me quite happy.  Good to see some excitement building around the program.
  • I saw Synjyn line up at wideout for at least one play, which I found odd and amusing.
  • Roof was very involved with the defense, barking orders at the players every now again.  Couldn't hear what he was saying, but it sounded terrifying.
  • Over at the AJC, Jerry mentioned that Coach Pelton was very detail-oriented and that he was teaching them pretty meticulously.  It showed.
  • Adam Gotsis went out early (read: he did not play the entire time like I was expecting him to), but this was to give the backups a chance to work more than anything.  He did not look injured or winded or anything, and even though I said that, someone's still going to create a CONSPIRISAH around it.
  • Speaking of the backups, a lot of them played today and played well.  You'll hear more about that on Monday.

One more major downer from this morning...

Who else was there this morning? What did you think of what you saw?