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Over/Under: 900 Yards Rushing for David Sims

This week we're running a mini-series in which I'm setting the line on different matters concerning Georgia Tech's football team this fall, and you'll be letting me know where you fall against that line. Today, we're picking against the Over/Under line of 900 Rushing Yards for David Sims this fall.


After starting his career at Tech as a quarterback, David Sims has really come into his own in the B-Back role. The past two seasons he's had exactly 135 carries and has gone for over 600 yards (though he's never reached 700). That said, why would he be expected to hit 900 this fall?

In his first year on the job, Sims racked up 698 yards in 12 games, peaking at 91 yards against Middle Tennessee State and 83 yards against Maryland. As the season wore on, his YPC numbers never made it to the range that it was prior to the Maryland game, and he saw some of his worst performances since Week 1 against Western Carolina. The cause of this degradation in his performance was injury -- a reason that ended in him missing the Sun Bowl game against Utah.

A year later, injuries continued to nag at Sims. After 13 carries against Virginia Tech in the season opener, Sims only carried five times across the next four games. Sims' production through a majority of the season was mediocre, with only one 50-yard game prior to November's matchup with North Carolina. However, those injuries started to work themselves out, as Sims carried for 62, 70, 71, 91, and 99 yards in each of the last five games, respectively -- the 71 yard, 91 yard and 99 yard games coming against extremely talented UGA, FSU and USC defenses.

Before writing off two straight sub-700 yard seasons as reason enough to think that Sims won't get within spitting distance of 900 yards, consider that his best performances last year came as his health improved, against the most talented defenses he faced all season.

Personally, I'm taking the "Over" on this line. I think that Sims being healthy and comfortable in his position will springboard him to the best season that a Georgia Tech B-Back has had since Anthony Allen in 2010. (I honestly am expecting him to go closer to 1,000, but thought that 900 would be a more attractive line around these parts.) Assuming Sims stays healthy it seems logical to expect that he'll be as productive as he's ever been at Tech, and that his productivity will play a huge role in the offense's success (or lack thereof) this fall.

Does David Sims reach 900 yards this fall? Why or why not?