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Vad Lee -- 2013 Heisman Winner

Today, we're looking at some facts of questionable relevance that speak to why Vad Lee will win the Heisman trophy this fall.

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Countdown to Kickoff: 37 Days....

I have plenty of good reason to think that Vad Lee will win the Heisman this year. (If you read past this sentence, you're a trooper.) Right now, you're probably saying, "Ha, that's cute, but we know it will never actually happen." That's where your wrong. Humor me, if you will, and let me explain to you what Vad Lee has going for him on his 2013 Heisman campaign.

He plays Quarterback.

Since 2000, there have only been 2 Heisman winners that didn't play QB, and they were Reggie Bush and Mark Ingram. Other than that, Lee shares the position with 11 of the last 13 Heisman winners. Check.

He's a mobile Quarterback.

Since 2006, Heisman-winning QBs have been Troy Smith, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, and Johnny Manziel. Besides being completely overrated, Bradford doesn't fit in with this group for another reason, being that he isn't mobile. That's right, 5 of the past 7 Heisman winners have been QBs who make plays with their feet as well as they do with their arms.

He's not a senior.

That's right, of Heisman winners since 2004, only Troy Smith and Robert Griffin III were seniors, while the other 7 were either sophomores, juniors, or irresponsible Johnny Manziel.

He doesn't play in the Big East.

Just saying, he doesn't. The Big East hasn't had a Heisman winner since Miami's Gino Torretta back in 1992, and never will again (unless Teddy Bridgewater is able to pull it off this year). Meanwhile, the ACC has had a Heisman as recently as Chris Weinke in 2000! #goacc

Joe Hamilton is around to mentor him.

Because Joe knows all about how to earn and deserve a Heisman.

Ted Roof is a coach on his team.

Roof has coached defense on a Heisman team twice, being DC of Auburn when Cam Newton won it, and DC at Georgia Tech when Joe Hamilton got robbed. (No, we're not letting that go.)

I don't know about you, but I say that the stars are aligned for Vad Lee this fall. Is Vad Lee the heir apparent to Johnny Football's Heisman trophy?