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2012 Top 10 Plays: (2) Tevin Washington's TD Pass to Deon Hill in Blacksburg

The play of the year on offense was selected as such for multiple reasons, yet surprisingly came in a losing effort.


Countdown to Kickoff: 39 Days...

The Situation: Late in the fourth quarter, Virginia Tech leads Georgia Tech 14-10 after scoring a touchdown on their previous drive. However, Georgia Tech has already run 12 plays on their drive and eaten up nearly 7 minutes after taking over with under 8 minutes to go. With 50 seconds left in the game and the clock rolling, Georgia Tech is lined up on Virginia Tech's 10 yard line with 2nd and Goal.

The Play: Tevin Washington takes the snap in the pistol with David Sims behind him and B.J. Bostic and Deon Hill in the slots. Tevin drops to pass with Sims protecting against a 6-man rush from Virginia Tech that takes a while to develop. Hill and Bostic run crossing routes, with Hill ending up wide open on the left side. Washington sees him and makes an on-target throw to Hill, who is able to scamper another 5 yards for a touchdown. (I promptly jumped up and nearly hit my head on the ceiling.) It was Washington's first passing touchdown of the season, and Hill's second of only four receptions on the season (it remains his only career receiving TD, and one of two career TD's overall).

The Aftermath: I'm not going to make you relive that. Let's just be happy for this clutch display of Washington and Hill.

Where does this play fall on the season's radar for you?

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