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2012 Top 10 Plays: (7) Jamal Golden's 100-Yard Kickoff Return for a Touchdown at UNC

For the seventh play in our countdown, we see a repeat performance from a repeat offender.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Countdown to Kickoff: 44 Days...

The Situation: UNC leads Georgia Tech 29-28 at halftime, Tar Heels are kicking off to start the second half. Georgia Tech has scored on 4 out of 5 drives in the first half, while UNC scored on 4 out of 6.

The Play: Golden takes the kickoff on the right side and immediately goes back to his left. He hits traffic, but uses an impressive display of speed and athleticism to hit a seam between his blockers. A great burst of acceleration puts him off to the races, and successfully follows Zach Laskey's lead block to make it into the end zone. This was his second kickoff return for a touchdown in three weeks, after Georgia Tech had gone almost 14 years since having a kickoff returned for a score.

The Aftermath: This touchdown set the tone for a third quarter that would see Georgia Tech score 30 points, leading to a 68-50 victory.

Where does this play rank on the entire season's radar for you?

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