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2012 Top 10 Plays: (8) Robert Godhigh's TD at Virginia Tech

Our #8 play features a first in a few different ways...


Countdown to Kickoff: 45 Days...

The Situation: Virginia Tech leads 7-0, Georgia Tech 12-Yard Line, 1st and 10, 14:45 left in the 2nd Quarter.

The Play: On only the third play of a brief drive following a muffed snap by Virginia Tech's punter, Robert Godhigh takes the rocket toss into traffic on the near side. Despite having little room to run, Godhigh pulled off his best "shake, rattle, & roll", broke two tackles and dodged another two, and scored his first career touchdown. It was also Tech's first touchdown of the game, as well as the season, and was their only rushing touchdown of the night. Aside from the shifty footwork, this play was a big deal in jump-starting his team in a game where Tech's offense was only able to manage 11 offensive snaps in the first quarter and finished the game with under 200 rushing yards.

The Aftermath: David Scully added the extra point, and Tech would take the 7-7 tie into halftime. I don't really think anything ever happened in the second half, so let's not worry about that.

Where does this play rank on the entire season's radar for you?