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Georgia Tech Football: Educating the Uneducated

I was listening to the radio this weekend and heard the host speaking in an extremely unintelligent manner about Georgia Tech's football fortunes this fall.


Last fall when 92.9 The Game opened shop with 24-hour sports talk radio in Atlanta, it was a nice change of pace from 680 The Fan -- ever the uga homers. They've been fantastic to even have Nate on a couple of times to talk Georgia Tech Basketball and Football! I still listen to both (Chuck and Chernoff are hilarious on 680), but this weekend I was listening to 92.9 when something was said by Marc Ryan that I just couldn't let fly. Let me paraphrase...

"Georgia Tech's one of those teams that could win every game or lose every game." OK, fair, I see a little of what you mean.

"I look on the schedule and only see 2 surefire wins, and one of them is Elon." I assume the other is Alabama A&M? Not to mention that Syracuse and Pitt will likely have a tough time in their first game against the option, and we haven't lost to UNC or Duke since I've been in school...

"How is Georgia Tech projected for 8.5 wins while Florida is only projected for 9?? Maybe it's that All-Cupcakes-Conference schedule." Using that phrase automatically makes you sound like a complete loser.

"I think Georgia Tech finishes this season 6-6!"


Alright, here's where I have real problems. You mean to tell me that a team who will be taking a step forward at QB, who didn't lose any irreplaceable talent, and whose defense is under new management (the 2010 National Champion DC, I might add) after being downright awful last year will finish the regular season with the same mark that they did last year and not make a bowl game? (Remember that 2 FCS opponents means Tech will need 7 wins this fall for bowl eligibility.) That's an absolute joke.

Tell me why on Earth Tech would struggle to win 7 games. With Vad Lee taking over for Tevin Washington, a healthy David Sims at B-Back, a steadily improving Front 7, a highly talented secondary, a thoroughly improved kicking game (assuming Butker is all he's made out to be), and a highly-touted defensive coordinator...what the hell makes anyone think that Tech won't be every bit as good as they were last year and even better?

It's nonsense. Marc Ryan, you're a moron for suggesting that this is a 6-6 team. Mark my words, this is an 8-win team at the very least, and I won't be the least bit surprised if it wins more.

Is it just me, or is that a ludicrous statement from Marc Ryan? Let me hear your thoughts, and feel free to send them to him on Twitter: @MarcRyanOnAir.