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Meet the Freshmen: ATH Ty Griffin

Our "Meet the Freshmen" series continues today with the speedy local QB who was a late acquisition this spring.

A few de-commitments from Tech's 2013 class resulted in a few open spots at the end of the recruitment period, meaning there were more scholarship offers to be given out. One of those went to a high school teammate of Yellow Jacket Darren Waller, a speedy QB from local McEachern High School. Ty Griffin visited Tech, got his offer, and committed all within the month of January -- right around the time that everything turned into a free-for-all in relation to recruits flipping. Griffin committed to Tech over offers from the three service academies (Army, Navy, Air Force), and claims that had he visited on the final weekend he would have gotten offers from UNC or Wake.

Griffin stands at 6' tall, and weighs in just short of 200 pounds. His film shows that he's very quick both laterally and vertically (he's been clocked at a 4.49 in the 40-yard-dash), and he's certainly a threat when it comes to throwing a deep ball. As a QB in high school, he benefited greatly from single coverage on the outside, though he was still able to convert throws over the top. His best ability though, by far, was his ability to carry the ball.

I wanted to go to Georgia Tech all along and it worked out. I am extremely excited and so are my parents.-Ty Griffin

As a QB, Griffin's biggest strength in the passing game may well have been his talented wide receivers. He was never put into a position where he had to make a tough throw or make a complicated read, and some of the throws on his highlight tape may well have been picked off were it not for a talented receiver. His footwork isn't what I'd call technically sound (he often threw on the run), and he only threw for 600 yards and 5 TD's his senior year (as compared to 1150 rushing yards and 19 TD's).

Griffin's skills at QB will likely result in him seeing minimal playing time at that position, where Vad Lee and Justin Thomas likely have it all under control for the next 3-4 years. However, his athleticism will allow Griffin to get on the field at A-Back, and maybe even Wide Receiver. Honestly, his shiftiness and speed would translate well to safety or cornerback as far as I'm concerned -- I can't say that he's ever played those positions though, and FBS football isn't really the place to start. In any case, Griffin's athleticism is a welcome gift on the Flats, and gives him the potential to make a big impact on the field.

Where do you see Griffin fitting in during his time on the Flats?