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5 Impact Players: DE Jeremiah Attaochu

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Our mini-series continues today with the senior linebacker convert who has an unending appetite for opposing quarterbacks.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

An import on the defensive line after spending 3 years in the linebacking corps, this move may have been best for all involved. Attaochu's strengths have always revolved around things in front of him -- pass rush and run stopping -- as opposed to playing coverages in the pass game. As a defensive end, he'll have the opportunity to play to his strengths in focusing solely on pass rushing and stuffing the run.

At the time that Al Groh departed last season, Attaochu had two sacks (.5 at Virginia Tech and 1.5 at Clemson). He finished the season with 10 (including 3 against Maryland and 2 against Florida State). Eight sacks in eight games is a pretty neat statistic that shows how much he's capable of when he's allowed to pin his ears back and disrupt the backfield on each and every snap. Attaochu is a physical freak with a great motor. He's smart, and can really crunch a quarterback if given a chance. This is a guy who can (and will) give an offensive line coach a headache, and is a true predator that QBs have good reason to be afraid of.

Let's just say that Jeremiah "Jerry" Attaochu is a backwoods-Louisiana background away from looking like the basis for Adam Sandler's "The Waterboy". (Legend has it that Logan Thomas really regretted making a comment in 2011 about Gatorade being better than water.) Opposing passers should plan to keep one eye on their receivers, and the other on Jerry.

Do you think Attaochu will have greater success at his new position, or will the transition be too tough for him to overcome?