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5 Impact Players: BB David Sims

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The second installment of our series profiles Georgia Tech's senior B-Back who's poised to have a huge senior season.


I was a little surprised when David Sims was named starting B-Back prior to the 2011 season, considering he had recently switched to the position from QB and was up against three incumbents. However, he's unquestionably done his share and carried the load successfully as a starter. Oh, and it should be mentioned that he's done most of this while fighting off nagging injuries.

Sims was 100% healthy when the ACC Championship Game rolled around this past year, and it showed. After racking up only 422 yards to date, he reeled off 91 yards on 19 carries (4.8 ypc) in Charlotte before racking up 99 yards on 17 carries (5.8 ypc) in the Sun Bowl. Sims is a very high-potential back at this point that, with a good season, could work his way into the NFL next year as either a tailback or fullback. He's a hard runner, never shying away from contact and giving defenders who try to tackle him fits. Given a whole year with health, Sims could probably play 75-80% of Tech's offensive snaps, and be our first 1,000-yard back since Anthony Allen's 1,316 in 2010.

Remember that lack of production we've experienced at B-Back? The solution was right under our noses the whole time. Get excited to watch David Sims this fall.

Am I delusional, readers? Wearing those "white and gold glasses" again? Do you see potential in David Sims?