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5 Impact Players: DB Jemea Thomas

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Happy Monday Jackets fans! This week I'm producing a mini-series that profiles five of our projected top gridiron producers this fall. First up, the ballhawking defensive back Jemea Thomas.


Thomas was an absolutely incredible find for Tech in the recruiting game. His recruiting stock wasn't through the roof by any means (only other BCS offers were to Purdue, South Florida, and Vanderbilt), but his play has paid huge dividends to our team. Thomas's coming out party was as a sophomore against Clemson, when he locked up Sammy Watkins for most of the game and intercepted Tajh Boyd twice -- once in the end zone on the first snap after Tevin Washington had thrown a huge momentum-shifting pick of his own.

Here's a video of that game, featuring Thomas's work:

Thomas has always impressed me with his ball skills and his full-speed play-style. He's a smart player with great instincts who's honestly my favorite player on the team to watch. Overall he's a huge part of our secondary having the success that it does. He plays both cornerback and safety, and does well at each.

I recommend that opposing teams limit how much they throw his direction -- it's not going to work out too well for them.

Opinions about Thomas around here have been mixed in the past. Are you starting to believe, readers, or are you still feeling iffy about him as he moves towards his senior year?