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3 Breakout Players: AB Dennis Andrews

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Our mini-series concludes today with the redshirt freshman who was recruited as a QB but has major potential at A-Back.

Dennis Andrews ran 3 times for 37 yards in the spring game, including one carry of 19 yards.
Dennis Andrews ran 3 times for 37 yards in the spring game, including one carry of 19 yards.
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

AB Dennis Andrews was the only early enrollee of the 2012 signing class. A quarterback from Florida, he had the luxury of going through spring practice before all of his signing-classmates made it to school to join the team. That ended up doing him a major service, as it was shortly into those spring practices that Andrews found that he liked playing A-Back -- and was really good at it. I recall hearing a story or two about how a couple of coaches double-took at the way he came around the corner on a few plays. Now, after a redshirt season and plenty more practice, Andrews is ready to shine at A-Back.

Trained as a quarterback, Andrews is unlikely to have much experience catching passes, leading me to think that his biggest contributions will come in the running game. Andrews' speed, elusiveness, and vision give him the potential to be an absolutely devastating ball-carrier for us. His highlight tape below shows that, plus his outstanding capacity for changing directions that makes him so slippery. All of these skills paint the picture of a great scatback, although they also point towards a role as a punt returner. Andrews hasn't done any work catching punts to my knowledge, and that role has been secured by Jamal Golden, but I'd be interested to see if he gets a shot there later in his career.

All in all, Andrews has developed the ability to block in his first year and a half on campus and will therefore see the field. I really believe he'll open some eyes though when given a chance to carry the ball. Opposing defenders: don't blink, because he may be gone when you open your eyes again.

Is Dennis Andrews a guy you can see having an impact, or will he get bogged down in the depth we currently have at A-Back? Could you see him as an effective punt returner?