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3 Breakout Players: WR Travin Henry

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For the second part of our series, we take a look at a redshirt freshman receiver who got no recruiting hype, but could be a major player for the Jackets.

Henry's skill set looks awfully familiar from over here...
Henry's skill set looks awfully familiar from over here...

When Travin Henry was signed by Georgia Tech, he was a relatively unknown player hailing from Adel, GA -- about halfway between Tifton and Valdosta. He really caught Coach Andy McCollum's eye as a player who wasn't going to blow defenders away with his speed, but could use his size and great hands to create a major matchup problem in one-on-one coverage. (Henry is listed at 6'3", 210lbs, which fits perfectly with Georgia Tech's "big wide receiver" complex of late.)

The reason that Henry has such a great opportunity this fall is the lack of a major passing threat following the loss of Anthony Autry to injury and the departure of Jeff Greene. We know already that Darren Waller will use his 6'5", 228lb frame to hold down the fort at one receiver spot, but there have been some questions concerning his hands and "natural receiver instincts", we'll call them (things like coming back to an underthrown ball and jumping at the proper time to meet the ball at one's highest point). If he can get those in order, he'll undoubtedly be an NFL prospect a la Demaryius Thomas and Stephen Hill -- if not, Tech needs a new passing threat.

That's where Henry comes in. His size and "natural receiver instincts" make him a major deep threat and a tough matchup for opposing defensive backs. In Tech's offense, our receivers most often run medium-to-deep routes on passing plays, as a way of providing big chunks of yards and encouraging defenses not to cheat towards the line of scrimmage.

Can Henry handle himself on those deep routes? His senior year of high school, Henry caught 47 passes for 987 yards, an average of 21 yards per catch. Combine that with his film below, and I'd say he'll fit in just fine here. I'm really excited to see what Travin Henry is capable of on the field this fall.