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5 Impact Players: AB Robert Godhigh

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Happy Friday, Jackets fans! Today we wrap up our "5 Impact Players" series with last year's breakout walk-on A-Back.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Probably the greatest walk-on player Paul Johnson's had since Sean Bedford, Robert Godhigh is another one of my favorites to watch. Robbie is a local walk-on from Harrison High School who has earned a scholarship with his absolutely nasty running style. If you watch Godhigh when he's carrying the ball, it's as if he wants defenders to sacrifice their firstborn in exchange for being tackled. Dude REFUSES to go down without a fight. His ability to do this is enhanced by his small, 5'7" frame that keeps his center of gravity low and his feet under him.

Check out this play from last year's Clemson game that displays his never-say-die style when running the ball:

Embed code is acting funny on this article for some reason. Fast forward to the 1:49:00 mark to see the play in question.

He's not just a fighter while carrying the ball, either -- he was a major help in the passing game last fall as well. He had one touchdown catch (against UNC I believe) where he had beaten double coverage on a pass that ended up under-thrown. Instead of allowing an interception, Godhigh was still able to jump up over two guys (both of whom were taller than him) and wrestle the ball down in one of the plays of the year for our offense. On another occasion, in the ACC Championship, Godhigh had beaten the coverage and was open for a 35-yard TD pass before the ball was slightly overthrown. (Funny story: that near-miss almost got me thrown out of the press box in Charlotte. Check it out below, you'll probably remember it and understand.)

Embed code is acting funny on this article for some reason. Fast forward to the 51:42 mark to see the play in question.

All of this, plus his abilities as a blocker make Godhigh the best A-Back on the team following Orwin Smith's departure. The bottom line here is that whether or not Godhigh has the ball in his hands, it's a real spectacle to watch. His skillset and attitude combine for a an absolutely deadly mix for defenders. I can't wait to see this kid on the field as a senior.