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Georgia Tech Spring Football Wrapup: What Have We Learned?

With the Spring Game being played this past Friday, spring football has concluded on the Flats. As we embark upon the 3-plus months between now and the opening of fall camp, what have we learned from our spring practice?

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

We can't afford to keep Justin Thomas on the sidelines this fall.

In the Spring Game on Friday, Thomas showed the fans some great talent and an impressive grasp of the offense given his youth and lack of experience. Neither he nor Lee played an outstanding game (which we'll get into in a bit), but there were certainly a few moments that showed great potential from the tandem. If only in package duty, we can't afford for Thomas to be on the sideline the entire season. That kid needs to see the field.

We can't afford to suffer an injury at the center position.

This is pretty self explanatory. When you can't successfully convert more than 70% of your snaps, you're not going to have much success. We need Jay Finch to stay healthy in the fall in a bad, bad way.

Matt Connors would appear to have solidified himself as the third-string B-Back.

Not sure how much this really means for him or the team, given the fact that the third-string B-Back doesn't see too many snaps across the course of the season, but the kid really lit in up during the Spring Game. He strikes me as a guy who might not have the most God-given talent out there, but makes up for it with a ton of effort -- awesome to see from a walk-on.

The wide receiver position looks to be a major project this fall.

There were some quite frustrating moments on Friday as passes were dropped or misplayed -- moments that we may be reliving in the fall. Here's to hoping that we don't, because that would throw a major hitch in the giddy-up of our passing game.

The defense is in good hands with Ted Roof.

Remember how neither Thomas nor Lee had a good game on Friday? Yeah, a lot of the reason for that was their opposition. The defense played very well on Friday, the first team in particular. They were highly disruptive, flying around to the ball. What they showed the crowd was very confidence-inspiring. I look forward to seeing how much they improve by the fall's start!

Who went to the game on Friday? Any comments you have to share?