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Activities Preceding Georgia Tech's Spring Football Game Have Been Cancelled; Game Still To Be Played

Due to impending severe weather, pre- and post-game concerts have been cancelled, as have post-game fireworks and other promotional attractions surrounding Georgia Tech's second-annual "Friday Night on the Flats" spring football game.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

In a report released by, all of the fanfare surrounding the Yellow Jackets' spring football game has been cancelled due to the high probability of inclement weather, though the game itself will still be played.

This is meant largely as a PSA to all of you, but it also brings up an interesting talking point. Last year's inaugural "Friday Night on the Flats" concept was an interesting one, and a lot of folks had mixed opinions leading up to the game on how successful it would be. When the actual event came, it was a HUGE success. It was something Tech planned to build on. It succeeded in attracting everyone that it targeted -- students, alumni, and sidewalk fans. It provided a fun environment for everyone -- the Greek sector was full of folks tailgating and families could enjoy themselves with attractions next to the stadium. Afterwards, the faces of the program got some face time with the fans over fireworks and picture-taking.

With last year being so successful, it would have been awesome to see this year's rendition turn out to be even more successful. Unfortunately, the weather has caused the cancellation of festivities and fanfare surrounding the game, and will surely impact the turnout as well. Hopefully it does not adversely affect the event's success in future years.

Where are you at on this one, readers? Are you still planning to go? Were you not planning to go to start with? Are you worried about this year's impact on future years?