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Georgia Tech Director of Player Personnel Liam Klein Departing for Kennesaw State

As a part of KSU Head Coach Brian Bohannon's first three coaching hires, Klein will aim to make it back onto the field as a coach for the first time since being promoted to his current position in 2007.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

To the average fan, hearing "Georgia Tech's Director of Player Personnel is Leaving" probably doesn't mean much. However, when you learn that Liam Klein was charged with "directing Tech's coaching clinics, camps and other events, along with administering on-campus recruiting efforts and serving as the team's academic liasion", it's apparent that he played a huge role for the team behind-the-scenes.

The thing that sticks out most to me in his duties is in his "administration of on-campus recruiting efforts", which basically translates to planning out the time that recruits will spend on their official visits. The reason that this is so crucial is because it seems like time and time again, recruits come for visits on campus and have nothing but positive things to say about it -- our players, coaches, and campus provide an awesome experience for them. Klein played a huge role in making those visits so successful.

In my dabbling in the Sports Information Department, I've had a couple of run-ins with Liam, who's been nothing but cordial and welcoming to me. He's a fantastic guy who did a lot for our program, and I wish him the very best at KSU.


As a side note, this program has had a really interesting turnover in the past six months, hasn't it?

--October saw the departure of Defensive Coordinator Al Groh.

--January saw the departure of Defensive Backs Coach and interim Defensive Coordinator Charles Kelly.

--March saw the departure of QB/BB Coach and "Offensive Coordinator" Brian Bohannon.

--April now sees the team lose Director of Player Personnel Liam Klein.

They've been replaced with...

--DC Ted Roof (former Tech player and coach known to be a great recruiter).

--DL Coach Mike Pelton (also known to be a great recruiter).

--QB/BB Coach Brian Cook (former Tech assistant with strong recruiting ties in the northeast).

Hopefully you're seeing the same trend in Coach Johnson's hiring as I am here. I have a feeling that if given some more time at Tech, Johnson's setting himself up nicely to pull in more talent than he's ever had available to him.