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Georgia Tech Quarterbacks/B-Backs Coach Brian Bohannon Hired as Head Football Coach at Kennesaw State

After 17 years of working alongside Coach Paul Johnson, Bohannon will be the first head coach for Kennesaw State's football program.

How will Coach Bohannon's departure affect the development of Vad Lee and Justin Thomas?
How will Coach Bohannon's departure affect the development of Vad Lee and Justin Thomas?
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

It's a day of mixed emotions for Tech football fans as they say goodbye to a coach who's been on-staff since Coach Paul Johnson arrived at school in 2008. It was announced Sunday evening that Quarterbacks & B-Backs Coach Brian Bohannon will be leaving Georgia Tech to become the first head coach of Kennesaw State's brand new football program. Under his direction, Tech produced two of the most prolific rushing QBs in ACC history (Josh Nesbitt and Tevin Washington rank 1st and 3rd respectively in rushing yards by a QB) as well as two NFL B-Backs in Jonathan Dwyer and Anthony Allen.

As Tech fans I'm sure we're sad to see him leave, but I, for one, am happy for him to have this incredible opportunity. It's not often that coaches have the chance to build a program literally from the ground up, and I love that we now have someone from our program with the opportunity to influence a nearby program.

This hiring has three major implications for our football program:

1) We now have to hire another coach to our staff. This is really awkwardly timed, considering spring practice starts...tomorrow.

2) This will have a recruiting impact, but the type of impact is unclear. Immediately this impact will be negative, but depending on who's hired the impact will likely be very positive. Bohannon has not been a strong recruiter for us the past couple of years. In 2011, he pulled in Vad Lee and Jabari Hunt-Days, but has since only acquired 3 commitments, and was responsible for two de-commitments last year (Tolando Cleveland and Damon Mitchell). I'm going out on a limb and saying that the loss of Bohannon won't make a huge negative impact on recruiting.

3) We get to keep Coach Andy McCollum. This is a huge deal for us. Even until recently, McCollum was thought to be a leading candidate for the job, and he was thought to be highly interested in the position. McCollum is one of our top recruiters (a continuation of the recruiting impact), and is a good front 7 coach as well. Trust me, it's a very, very good thing that we got to keep CAM.

Sad to see Coach Bohannon leave? Not too upset? Let's hear your thoughts.