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Georgia Tech Football: Robert Godhigh Wins Brian Piccolo Award

The award is given by the ACC, and goes to the "most courageous" player in the conference.


Thursday morning, ACC Commissioner John Swofford announced Robert Godhigh as the conference's 2013 Piccolo Award winner. The award is named in honor of Brian Piccolo, and has been given to the "most courageous" player in the conference annually since 1970.

Godhigh has had 3 surgeries in 2013 -- two on his shoulder, and one on his hand -- and despite playing the first 5 games of the season in a cast, is 10th in the conference in rushing yards and leads the team in receiving yards. To add on to that, Godhigh joined the team as a walk-on before earning a scholarship and being promoted to being a starter prior to last year.

Godhigh is the first Piccolo Award winner at Georgia Tech since fullback Ed Wilder in 2000, and is the third winner in Georgia Tech history (TB Jerry Mays won in 1988). Notable historical winners have been Boston College's Mark Herzlich, Miami's Frank Gore, and Florida State's Chris Weinke.

Congratulations to Robbie, not only on the award, but also on an amazing and inspiring career at Georgia Tech! His is a success story that brings great pride to his family and the Institute.